Humor in Fashion Photography

Humor in Fashion Photography

Welcome! My name is Megan and I have an eye for capturing amazing photos, but fashion photography is not exactly what I have dreamt of doing after college. I took up Architecture and was set to take that path in my career. However, things took a turn when I was helping out a friend design the production of a fashion photo shoot for a big magazine spread. The models were all dolled up and the set was ready, but the photographer was running late.

To pass the time, everyone played around and acted silly. I tinkered with the camera and the models were up for it. This resulted in a fun shoot and amazing photos, which the magazine instantly fell in love with. It was the start of a snowball of opportunities for me as a fashion photographer.

With an increasing number of interested clients – mostly high-end brands and editorial magazines, I decided to make it a full-time career. You can now see my work in big magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Harper’s magazine, and the likes. It was something I didn’t see coming but have come to love.

Fashion photography can be a very exciting, fun, and glamorous job. You will have the opportunity to work with amazing and talented people with clear artistic vision, beautiful and famous models, collaborate with brands, and a chance to travel around the world. You get to bond with these people and have a chance to establish a relationship that can lead to lifelong friendships and more career opportunities.

Using photography as a way to convey stories and ideas carries a big risk. A photo shoot concept that has an objective to entertain can be taken out of context and may result in either people thinking it was ridiculously funny or something that is confusing and offensive. This is one of the many senses of humor in photography that I discovered. People interpret photos the way they want to.

I discovered a lot of things about the job and the people I work with. I enjoy the advantages and find ways to work around the disadvantages. I enjoy the air of professionalism on set and even the mishaps along the way. Sometimes models cooperate, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes accidents happen that I have to improvise, use different props, and put in a lot of creativity to make it work. And sometimes, projects like this turn out to be the ones that create a huge impact.