– It looks like your success was a matter of a chance and luck if it didn`t happen that way, would you have considered joining the world of fashion photography?

Well… more likely I wouldn’t have. As I had said, there were plenty of opportunities in various spheres for me. I faced with a difficulty which one to pick, as all of them were so bright and prosperous for the future. Nowadays, I`m in love with the fashion world I`m into and am thankful for the path I have walked.

– Is there a chance you become a writer when done with photography? What could have pushed you to change the field of work?

No (laughs)! No way I`m quitting photography any time soon. All the connections I have established in recent years have taken me to the place I`m at now. I might consider investing a bit more of myself into the writing, but never ever I am to quit photography.

– Megan, how does your schedule look like nowadays? Is it much different from what you had in college? How did you combine studying and working at the same time?

Mostly I have 8 to 11 hours working day and weekends are always cleared for self-time. Working overtime? Yes, sometimes. But highly recommend you all to take some time for yourself. You know, to relax, to go out with friends, to watch some stupid comedies. Otherwise, you soon will discover yourself hating the job you do.