I Have Always Wanted to Work in Fashion Industry

I Have Always Wanted to Work in Fashion Industry

February 9, 2018 Off By Megan

When I was about five years old, I wanted to be an astronaut for NASA. When I was twelve, I wanted to become a neurosurgeon. When I applied for college, I wanted to become an architect. I really did want to become all those things at those points in my life because of several reasons.

Being an astronaut would have been awesome, but I was distracted by medical TV shows and they always made a big deal out of neurosurgeons. When it came time to choose my career, I chose architecture because there was money in it and I was pretty good at drawing a straight line.

However, the truth behind my current career status lies in what I do when I’m not dreaming of becoming something I’m not. While I was young, I enjoyed looking at pretty things. Whether they were pictures in books, flowers in our garden, or stars in the sky, I just loved looking at them.

I wondered whether or not I could recreate something just as beautiful, but I never really knew how. Even as a child, when we drew pictures in class, I was not going to be the next Van Gogh anytime soon. I could draw well, but I wasn’t really great at it. What I was great at was appreciating the beauty around me.

It didn’t hit me until I was older, but I realized that my appreciation for beauty was not just a hobby. It was going to become a skill. It must be why I turned to architecture. I admired buildings – especially old ones that were built in the 1800s and are still standing today, albeit with modern renovations to keep them standing up.

If I were to choose a career then, I wanted something that would allow me to create something beautiful. I wasn’t the creative artist type, nor was I good with my hands. I, however, knew what I was looking at and how to make it better, simpler, sleeker. That is why I chose to be an architect. But that’s not what I do today.

I am a creative fashion photographer. During my appreciation years, one of the things that drew my eye the most were clothing, models, accessories, makeup, etc. If it was pretty, I liked seeing it. Little did I know that I was unconsciously grooming myself to become adept at seeing what makes an outfit beautiful.

I could see how the lines of a person’s face accentuated the neckline of their dress. I could imagine their shadowed eyes creating an emotion that would bring out the thoughts of the designer. It was mesmerizing, but since I was young, I had no idea what I was doing.

While I was out on a photo walk to take pictures of buildings, I found that I had taken pictures with people in them. Not just ordinary people, mind you. These were people who looked good beside the buildings. They wear wearing clothes that went well with the buildings I took photos of.

It wasn’t until I showed my professor my photos that the idea was handed to me by my teacher herself. “This looks like a fashion spread instead of a building spread.” I laughed it off, but then a few months later, I was freelancing for local clothing brands. First, I took pictures of the models next to buildings that I loved, but my craft evolved to stop using buildings and consider other accents in my photos.

Regardless of the outcome, I never knew I wanted to work with fashion. But maybe I knew in my heart that I was meant to work with fashion. It is considered the architecture of clothing, is it not?